Production Line for Razer Blade Finishing

At the manual workstation, the razor blades are manually loaded onto special product holders on the workpiece carriers. After loading, the carriers are transported from the air-conditioned room to the workshop trough a gate.

With an indexing module mounted on a movable e-axis, each two of the total nine productholders are handled between the workpiece carrier and the customer’s automatic station.

For random quality inspections, the workpiece carriers can be lifted out with an overhaul module without disrupting the further material flow of other carriers.

During the return path, the productholders are unloaded with a robot and the empty workpiece carriers are afterwards transported trough another gate back into the loading area in the air-conditioned room.



  • Rodotec AG offers a technically finished and well thought-out system. The cooperation with all involved employees was always extremely professional and very pleasant.
    Senior Engineering Manager
    Wilkinson Sword
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