System structure

The transfer system with only one chain profile and two side profiles impresses with its simple and clear system structure.

SIGMA transfersystem system structure chain with chain wheel

The drive mechanism

The transfer chain is guided through a chain wheel within a 90° or 180° deflection module. This is driven by a spur gear motor. Power is transmitted via the 10 mm steel pins in the chain links. A mechanical, adjustable slip clutch serves as overload protection and is specially adjusted for each drive system. The desired chain speed is achieved with appropriate gear ratios. The speed can be continuously adjusted within a range of ± 20% by means of a frequency converter.

The transport mechanism

A robust plastic chain serves as a means of transport for the workpiece carriers, which are fed to the workplaces and stations according to the control sequence. The workpiece carriers are transported by friction between the sliding shoe and the chain. In the manual workstations or in front of the automatic stations, the workpiece carrier can be stopped by a stop module. Meanwhile, the chain transports the remaining workpiece carriers in the circuit. In the stations, the workpiece carrier is lifted from the chain by a centring module and precisely positioned.

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